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Preguntas frecuentes

En este espacio intentamos resolver aquellas preguntas que nos van formulando nuestros clientes. Intentamos ser lo más claros y precisos sobre todas las dudas que les puedan surgir respecto al centro aquático.

Aquapark Flamingo Waterpark

Si, en Aquapark Flamingo tenemos abierto los siete días de la semana, desde el  28 de mayo hasta septiembre.

Si, en Aquapark Flamingo disponemos de una zona de parking junto al recinto. Es totalmente gratuito.

Pincha AQUÍ para ver que tiempo va a hacer en la zona del parque.

El parque aquático abre de 11:00h a 18:0h.
El horario puede variar por motivos técnicos o meteorológicos.

Nuestro horario de Snack bar  es de 12:30h a 16:00h

A; Children should be under adult supervision at all times. Small children who cannot swim must wear a flotation device however this does not eliminate the need for adult supervision. Small children and those who are not toilet trained must wear a swim nappy. We have them available at the entrance bar at cost price. We recommend that all small children should take a toilet break from the pool once every 45 mins. This also allows the skin on their feet to dry out as prolonged stays in the water has the same effect as a long bath i.e. the skin becomes soft. We recommend that small children wear swim socks to protect their feet from the hot floors around the pool. (The temperature here in Spain can get to over 40ºc and the pool surrounds and walkways can get hot and children’s feet are far softer than that of an adult)  They may wear swim socks in the pools and use them on the kids’ slides. We do not permit any form of footwear in the pool that has a sole or that could be used for street use. Ordinary cloth socks are not allowed. Feet require protection out of the pool from the heat, not in the pool. We recommend that some sort of footwear (flip flops etc) is used while walking around especially when using toilets or changing areas.

A; The closed red aquatube and open green slide have a minimum height of 1.10m, the orange wave coaster is 1.20m.

These heights are minimum permitted and already have a margin of error included. If the user is bellow said height they will not be able to use the slide. These heights are set by the slide manufacturer and are there for your safety.

A; Yes but there are other rules and restrictions regarding the slides that have to be met… e.g. minimum age 6 years old for closed red slide and green aquatube, 10 years old  for the orange wavecoaster, ability to swim for slides that run into pool etc. Full safety rules are at the bottom of each slide.

A; To prevent the risk of injury due to collisions and in accordance with current safety regulations  the reception pool must be vacant at all times. You may not wait for a person in the reception pool. For weak swimmers we allow the use of armbands and solid neoprene lifejackets on the open green slide only. However the slide user must be able to swim to the steps and exit unaided. Failing to do so means that they are not allowed to use the slide.

A; Inflatable armbands and solid neoprene lifejackets that have clips on the front. Other models of lifevests that have clips on the rear, lifevests that are inflatable or solid armbands are not permitted. Due to vast number of models available on the market, please check with our staff before using.

A; You may use armbands, life vests whether neoprene or inflated, however the user must be in an area or the pools where they can stand. If they go to deeper water they must be accompanied by an adult (16+) at all times and in the water with said child and within arms length. Watching from outside the pool from a sunbed or pool edge is not sufficient.

A; In compliance with current safety guidelines tandem and lap riding is not permitted. This is to prevent collisions in the slide or when impacting the water in the reception pool. Another risk of injury is that the leg of the child can get trapped under that of the adult and get damaged or even break. This is also applicable to the children’s slide where the water depth is too shallow for adults to slide and impact between a child and a grown adult must be avoided.

A; Yes but flippers are not allowed. Full face diving masks are not permitted. Goggles are permitted on the slides but not glass dive masks.

A; We recommend that you leave all your jewelry at home. There are no restrictions within the pools or pool area however to prevent the risk of loss, injury and damage to the slides, rings, necklaces, bracelets or any type of jewelry are not permitted on the slides. Any ring that cannot be removed will be taped by the lifeguard at the top of the slide. Fully plastic watches are also permitted.

A; You may use neoprene swim socks in the pools and on the orange waveslide, but are not permitted on the body slides as the friction between the sock and slide may cause the foot or ankle twist or bend under the leg and cause injury.

A; Due to the close proximity to the pools and presence of children, smoking is not permitted, however we have provided a smokers area which is situated away from the pool and behind the orange wavecoaster.

A; We use computer controlled systems that monitor pool values in realtime. Our pools use CHLORINE (sodium hipochlorite )  as a disinfectant as well as other products to maintain water quality. The pool water is regularly tested by an external lab and inspected by health authorities. Full list of products is on display at the entrance bar.

A; Yes but NO GLASS, NO CANS, NO METAL CUTLERY ( EXCEPT SPOONS)  or any item that could break, which would include porcelain, so no plates or bowls please. Any item found will be removed. Please do not bring into the park any form of KNIFE.

A, Yes you may take pictures and video of your family and group you entered with, however, any pictures used on social media should not show other people without their consent. We do not allow the use of cameras or phones in the pools, especially UNDERWATER to ensure personal privacy. The uses of cameras or phones for picture or videos are not permitted in the flumes or on the orange wavecoaster tower.

A;  You may use a t shirt in the pools and on the slides, in fact we prefer t shirts over suntan cream. The t shirt should be if possible plain and tight fitting. Any lose or baggy t shits are not allowed.

A; The entry ticket is valid ONCE, non-transferable, so reentry is not permitted. If you wish to go to your car or run an errand e.g. go to pharmacy (500m away), you must get an exit pass first. The maximum time is 20 mins. If you pass the time your ticket become invalid and you will have to pay to enter. Please do not try to reenter with the original entrance ticket as this is valid only once and can´t be reused.